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Vehicles tracking & monitoring

AxiomaGPS automatic vehicle location system, gives you the ability to know the position, speed, course of your vehicles in real time. It also allows you to get usage statistics that will help you make the best decisions about how to manage your resources and personnel. AxiomaGPS is not just a satellite vehicle monitoring and tracking system, is an administrative tool that helps manage users, vehicles, routes, departure and arrival of transport and also offers the ability to disable or enable the vehicle when you need it. This service is a very useful tool for companies that rent or lease transportation used to move people or valuable materials because it protects their investment as their customers.

Geofences & Notifications

AxiomaGPS offer SMS and Email notifications in real time. After a inclusive or exclusive geofence has been violated the customer will receive 3 Email notifications and 1 SMS notification. The notifications are fully customized with your company information and logo; also your customer and the account administrator will be notified again when the vehicle gets back to the inclusive geofence or leaves the configured exclusive geofence. This feature is also very usefull for customers with distribution lines, the administrator can be notified when the vehicle arribes to each destination. This are some of the features supported by AxiomaGPS:

  • Inclusive and Exclusive Geofences

    We support inclusive and exclusive geofences, with inclusive geofences you stablish a geographical area to allow vehicle transit only inside that area, the exclusive geofence forbid the access to that zone.

  • Real time SMS and Email notifications

    We worry about real time communications, AxiomaGPS will send any GPS or system alert with few seconds of delay (10-35 secs). The client will receive a SMS notification. Also the administrator or administrators will receive email alerts in case the client inbox is not available or email is rejected.

  • Distributors POI (Point of Interest)

    This feature is specially designed for distributors or fleets with special location needs. When the vehicle arrives to certain POI (point of interest) the system will send Email and SMS notifications with location, time and more.

  • Geofence activity report

    The activity report will include all Geofence behaviors to ensure you can analyse and get conclutions about vehicle usage and driver qualification.

Features and Services

Great Support

24/7 Support through Live chat, Skype, Email and Phone. We assist you on system usage, general administation or debuggin possible problems with your GPS devices.


Downloadable reports in XLS format or PDF. You can generate activity or violation reports and it can be shared to anyone via Email.

Users Administration

Unlimited users accounts for no extra costs, feel free to create as many user accounts you need for each vehicle.

Historical Information

Up to 1 month of vehicle geographic information and stats.

Geofences and POI

Unlimited Geofences and POI, feel free to setup your restrictions as you want, there are no limits using all available system tools.

Branding and Access

Customizable brand and access, when you create a reseller account we provide you with your own URLs to access our system, also your company logo will be placed in reports, alerts and everywhere, your customers wont even notice that you are part of our network.

You can access to our DEMO version right now.

Remember this is a demo account and some features will be disabled by default. Please check our devices section to see supported GPS.

Contact us to get our primary server IP to connect devices